A glimpse behind the scenes

Moin! On our StrandGut blog we take you into our little cosmos and tell you stories about us, about food and enjoyment, about our regional suppliers (who are almost more like friends & family) about yoga and events and the many special moments that happen here at the resort and in St. Peter-Ording. In short: this blog is about everything we love.

Intolerances or allergies? Not a problem.

We already cook as standard so that our food is well tolerated by everyone.

23 november 2021

About yoga at the StrandGut Resort

An interview with our yoga instructor Claudia

1 september 2021

Our belief in sustainable cuisine

How we cook, what we cook with and why we cook like this

15 july 2021

A more sustainable food culture with Wagyu meat

A visit to the Wagyu Zucht Nordfriesland

17 June 2021