Swimming in bliss.

You don’t have to be an astronaut to feel weightless. Floating in the Dünen-Therme’s warm water is just as unique an experience. The huge adventure and wave pool in the municipality of St. Peter-Ording can be reached quickly by the direct passage from the StrandGut Resort and covers a whopping 6,500 sqm. It is also home to a variety-packed wellness and health centre.

Overview Dünen-Therme

Current notes


Inside the embers. Outside the sea, endless beach and dune grass. With a view like this, the sauna…

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rêst restaurant

Our StrandGut Resort has formed a solid unit with the Dünen-Therme spa since the hotel opened in…

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Magically attractive variety

Swimming. Bathing. Diving. Or turbo sliding. And once the lifeguard starts the waves, you’ll think you’re in the most beautiful North Sea surf. Whirlpool. Steam bath. Or sauna. And the stress of the last few weeks dissolves into bubbles and steam. Massages. Beauty treatments. Ayurveda. Or hammam. And a deep feeling of balance spreads through the body.

Now, at the very latest, you’re on the same wavelength as the Dünen-Therme, aren’t you?