Friends & Co. – this is how modern partnership works

In the North we know: a strong network is not just a blessing when fishing. Up here, there are simply incredibly talented people and innovative companies that inspire us and make us even better as a hotel. As they provide unconventional perspectives that enrich us all. We are very happy to be able to meanwhile rely on a number of partnerships that have grown regionally and nationally. Please allow us to introduce you to our friends & collaboration partners.


Johannes Oerding

Practically at home already… a team member… we are very grateful that we can always act as a place for creativity in song writing and be a part of the creation of so many beautiful songs. Thank you!

Wincent Weiss

In the summer of 2021, Wincent Weiss came for an open air acoustic concert. Since then we have been almost inseparable. We're always happy when you're in the house (with or without Johannes) and create a bit of a whirlwind. Because "here with you, this is the best place in the world".

Max Giesinger

"When you rehearse and write songs here in St. Peter-Ording all day, you constantly have loud noises on your ears. If you're out on the beach and by the sea for half an hour, you get a clear head again," Max once said. Thank you for your unforgettable performance at our team Christmas party - cheers and see you next time!

Fury in the Slaughterhouse

"The atmosphere of the North Sea is special, especially in winter. Melancholic and lonely. And the sea is great, it opens something in you." That's how Kai Wingenfelder, singer of the band, once put it into words. We see it the same way and are always happy about the great works that are created here with us (and about everyone else, of course!).


These are the brothers Kai and Thorsten Wingenfelder, heads of the band Fury in the Slaughterhouse. In 2010, their band project WINGENFELDER was born - since then, the two have been delighting their fans with their very own style. Whether with Fury crew or alone - thank you for letting us be a creative retreat for you. (Photo: Christin Lempfert)


"When you go away, you're alone, you don't have a daily routine and you can concentrate completely on the content - this calmness, that you deal with things until the end, is perfect for inspiration," guitarist Kristoffer Hünecke once said. You are always welcome to join us! (Photo: Olaf Heine)

Wacken / ICS

The Wacken and ICS crew around Holger Hübner also regularly drop by for a little time-out. The unaccustomed peace and quiet then inspires them all the more for new loud metal projects - true to the motto "All you need is metal". 

Regional partners for our Deichkind restaurant


samova – sounds like an island where a storm has never raged. Where the residents constantly hug each other and children pull on vines instead of each other’s hair. It is exactly this harmonious image that runs through the entire samova product range: a new, premium quality, modern organic tea culture has been created with lots of love, care and creativity.

We are particularly happy (and proud) to be samova’s first hotel partner. It quickly became clear that we work well together! And because we were so inspired, we didn’t hesitate to dedicate a lounge to this great brand, where our guests can, should and must experience and enjoy samova. For example, minty Istanbul Nights or fruity Maybe Baby.

By the way, the friendship between the two companies is also reflected in the motto: “We believe in friendship and tasty hot water.” Ah.


The tradition-conscious family business from faraway Ulm stands for reliability, honesty, sustainability and social responsibility. A great partner whose promise of quality reads more than well:

  • Fairtrade standards (humane and environmentally friendly coffee production)
  • Controlled organic farming
  • Fair trade
  • Product transparency
  • Awareness of sustainability and fairness

It’s no wonder that the coveted GREEN label coffees are characterised by unadulterated aroma and exceptional purity. So we can all indulge with a clear conscience. That’s how it should be.

Wagyu Zucht Nordfriesland

A very special meat delicacy has been a permanent fixture on our menu for several years now: the best meat from Wagyu cattle, which not only impresses with its exceptional flavour but also comes from a regional and sustainable farm in North Frisia. You can read more about this in ourblog post.

Feddersens Farm

Water buffalo in Nordfriesland – sounds strange at first, but it’s quite normal here. Bärbel Feddersen and her family look after a good 12 water buffalo of the Italian Mediterranean breed on their farm, making their dream come true. The farm’s own dairy produces “Frisian Buffalo” mozzarella, among other things.

James Farm

The farm is a modern agricultural business between Niebüll and Flensburg that produces, processes and refines its own products. Animal welfare, ecological behaviour and transparency are at the forefront of the farm. Our milk, yoghurt and cold cuts currently come from James Farm in Hörup, among others.

Bison Nissen

Natural quality meat straight from the fields. The Nissen brothers’ bison enjoy a “stress-free” life and are only fed natural products in the fields. It is particularly important that the meat is completely free of growth promoters, antibiotics, hormones or other artificial feed additives – you can taste it.

Hofgut Schwaige

Top quality from Bavaria – Hofgut Schwaige keeps its cattle on lush meadows in the Bavarian highlands all summer, where they feed on the rich diversity of herbs and grasses. The mixture of good feed, plenty of exercise in summer and rest and relaxation in winter also ensure the succulent meat’s great texture. We live by the motto “the demand for the best quality determines everything we do and think” here.

David Eitel

We would like to thank our friend and Master Sommelier David Eitel for his assistance in selecting our wines. We had a lot of fun working with David to create a balanced wine list. If you want to see David live in action, we recommend a visit to the Hamburg restaurant “The Table” by 3 Michelin star chef Kevin Fehling.

Trollebüller Eiscremerei

At the Steensen family farm in Stedesand/Trollebüll, delicious milk ice creams and sorbet are lovingly made by hand. The milk from the farm's 130 dairy cows provides the basis for the former.

Lerch Hummer & Co.

Our delicious fish comes fresh from Lerch Hummer & Co. in Hamburg. One of the best fishmongers in the North of Germany! Quality is our top priority.

Bioland eggs

Our eggs come from i.a. the Knoop family’s Mirebüll organic farm near Högel. The chickens are kept in small flocks with plenty of space where they can naturally go about their business in the fresh air and sunshine.

Honey from Utholm School

Delicious honey directly from the Ultholm school beekeeping club’s orchard in St. Peter-Ording. It doesn’t get more regional than this!

Regional cheese

Our cheese, which you will find on our delicious breakfast buffet in the morning, for example, comes from Tetenbüll as well as from Backensholzer Hof.


When passion becomes a vocation – that’s Nordseebär! Fruit gums made using their own recipe… sometimes with one or two unusual taste sensations. Why not try them for yourself?

Our partners

National Park

Wattastic, we live in the National Park!

The idea of sustainability has been firmly anchored in our philosophy since the very beginning. We feel connected to nature and are proud to live and work in the midst of this beautiful and unique landscape. For us, it goes without saying that as a National Park partner we help conserve the Wadden Sea National Park. At the same time, we are very proud to be an official partner of the Wadden Sea National Park.

Let’s look after our home together, the UNESCO World Heritage Wadden Sea!

nsi Nordseeinternat

The nsi North Sea Boarding School and the StrandGut Resort have enjoyed many years of friendly cooperation. We think lively learning and healthy living right by the North Sea is great and have developed a special offer for nsi newcomers who want to get a taste of the North Sea air as part of an introductory visit.

Room features

i+m Berlin Naturkosmetik

i+m Berlin… means natural toiletries that stand for organic, vegan plant power, fair initiatives and high quality standards. With the sale of products at our hotel, StrandGut donates €1 to the “Frauenhäuser in Afrika e.V.” association founded by i+m Naturkosmetik.

Studio am Meer

This company has been working on upcycling sailcloth canvas since 2010. Handmade in Germany is the main focus here. The unique canvas items are lovingly handcrafted at social institutions in northern Germany, and you will see them again and again at StrandGut, for example, the door stop in the event rooms, the StrandGut key ring and much more.

airfect pillow

You slept well with us? Perfectly. Then here's one of our secrets for you: the airfect pillow.

Thanks to the airfect visco foam, the airfect Original optimally adapts to your body contours and cervical spine, as it reacts to your body temperature and thus becomes elastic. To make the airfect Original particularly breathable and cuddly, it has an open cell structure that allows the pillow to breathe even better.

Media partner

Thomas Böhme

No one captures our unique North Sea coastline as beautifully as Thomas. And it captures his fascination just as beautifully. And has done for more than 10 years now. Sea, mudflats, coast. From Hamburg to Eiderstedt and even further, calling the Hanseatic city and St. Peter-Ording his home. Fortunately for us, he has not had enough of the magical northern German landscapes by a long shot.