The most beautiful events take place at StrandGut.

Rrrrrrrring Rrrrrrring! As soon as a location for your wedding celebration is required in North Frisia, please feel free to call us. We will make anything possible for the most wonderful day of your life, from an intimate gathering with your hand-picked favourite people to the dream white wedding with a proper entourage.

You want rose petals? You’ll get rose petals. You want 12 km of sandy beach on your doorstep? You’ll get 12 km of sandy beach on your doorstep. Together, we design our event spaces just as you envisage them. While our service staff will anticipate your every wish, the kitchen team will ensure that perfect gut feeling. And if things get out of hand, you can also book our Deichkind restaurant until late at night.

We are also open to unusual ideas – so please feel free to contact us on +49 (0)4863 7099-513 or at

Tinsel, tinsel, tinsel, …

If a Christmas party in Schleswig-Holstein is just around the corner, we won’t say no, of course. We prefer to go over the top with the ambience as well as the tree decorations. Provide space to contemplate in peace, lay out biscuits and oranges, sprinkle generous amounts of tinsel everywhere and play your favourite Christmas carols (“Jingle Bells”? Check!). Since Santa only stops by once a year, there’s plenty of time in between for whatever else you want to celebrate. Well, you know where we are.