Bye-bye everyday life – moin moin wellness.

Flat land, so chilled we’re horizontal. Wellness was already known on the North Sea when it was still called “putting your feet up”. The stress of everyday life gradually slips away even on the way to St. Peter-Ording. Instead of rushing around, to-do lists and deadlines, just the waves set the pace for us (even smoother than Sade). The StrandGut Resort is the ideal retreat for the mind and soul, for you to physically feel how your entire body slows down.

And what’s better than a fine breeze to clear your head while walking on the beach? Exactly.

Current notes


You don’t have to be an astronaut to feel weightless. Floating in the Dünen-Therme’s warm water is…

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Yoga courses

Even if the sky should happen to be cloudy at that moment: you can always manage a little sun…

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