Your wellness hotel on the North Sea coast

When the cold season arrives in northern Germany, it becomes uncomfortable at the North Sea. With strong coastal winds, long walks are only half as much fun for summer fans. But that doesn't mean you can't still spend beautiful and relaxing days by the sea.

How about a nice stay at a North Sea Coast wellness hotel?

The StrandGut Resort in St. Peter Ording is not only located directly by the sea, but also offers great wellness specials all year round that you can enjoy for more than one day.

The StrandGut Resort is connected to the Dünen-Therme St. Peter Ording via direct access. A leisure and adventure pool, a diverse sauna landscape and a dune garden that every visitor to the Dünen-Therme will find the right offer for them.

The name Dünen-Therme comes from the fact that the adventure pool, just like the StrandGut Resort, is located directly on the dunes. The relaxation rooms have large window fronts that give you a breathtaking panoramic view of the maritime landscape.

First relax well, then eat well

After a visit to the Dünen-Therme, you can end your day at the StrandGut Resort with a delicious dinner in our Deichkind restaurant. The concept of the restaurant includes regional and innovative cuisine, also with a selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes. The cuisine in the Deichkind restaurant of the StrandGut Resort is a culinary delight.

If you prefer to spend the evening in a more quiet place, you can do so in your beautiful room at the StrandGut Resort. The rooms are all modern and furnished in discreet and fresh colours. Some of the rooms in the StrandGut Resort have glass bathrooms, which offer you a great view of the beach. In the suites, you can gaze at the sea from the bathtub - an exquisite bathing experience!

At the StrandGut Resort, water and the sea are omnipresent. The brilliant and varied Dünen-Therme, bathrooms with a view of the coast and, of course, the most beautiful North Sea all speak for this.

To have a beautiful view

look at the sea and stay on land.

(Sailor's saying)