Intolerances or allergies? Not a problem.

Do you have allergies or intolerances? At the StrandGut Resort, we already cook as standard so that our meals are well tolerated by everyone. And if there are still any special requests, just talk to us. We have never not been able to solve something. Here is the most important information for you:

Wheat and gluten

  • We no longer use wheat flour throughout the hotel, only rye and spelt. This starts with the bread rolls and ends with the cakes.
  • All our hot dishes are made without flour. Unless we have products that flour belongs in, such as dough or similar.
  • Our homemade pasta is only made out of spelt semolina, sea salt and water. Because less is usually simply more.
  • We always have gluten-free pasta or gluten-free breadcrumbs at our hotel, so we can also offer all pasta or schnitzel classics for anyone who is gluten intolerant. By the way: all schnitzels are prepared on a separate grill. This means that all other meat dishes have no direct contact with flour or breadcrumbs.


  • All hot food cream dishes, such as the creamed carrots or mashed potatoes, are cooked completely lactose-free on a purely vegetable basis as standard. And not soya-based but lentil-based. This is not only better in terms of our environment, but also when it comes to taste. In contrast to soya, lentils have less flavour of their own so the natural flavour of the dish comes to the fore and is not masked by the aftertaste of soya or even oats. This way, everyone can indulge without restriction – and it tastes better too.


  • We do not process nut oils or similar. When dishes are prepared with nuts, they are also visible.


  • We do not use any ready-made sauces or pastes at the hotel, so flavour enhancers do not play a role at all. All our sauces are homemade and therefore 100% free of flavour enhancers and everything that doesn’t belong in them.

Fish and histamine

  • Even though we are right on the North Sea here, fish or histamine intolerance should not be a problem. We have plenty of alternatives to ensure a culinary experience.

Everything else

In the restaurant we always have the up-to-date allergen menu available – just ask our colleagues for it. In almost all cases, our kitchen has a solution up its sleeve. We regularly deal with a wide range of allergies and intolerances and are practised in responding flexibly to alternatives.

Enjoy your meal!