Johannes Oerding

Practically at home already… a team member… we are very grateful that we can always act as a place for creativity in song writing and be a part of the creation of so many beautiful songs. Thank you!

Wincent Weiss

In the summer of 2021, Wincent Weiss came for an open air acoustic concert. Since then we have been almost inseparable. We're always happy when you're in the house (with or without Johannes) and create a bit of a whirlwind. Because "here with you, this is the best place in the world".

Max Giesinger

"When you rehearse and write songs here in St. Peter-Ording all day, you constantly have loud noises on your ears. If you're out on the beach and by the sea for half an hour, you get a clear head again," Max once said. Thank you for your unforgettable performance at our team Christmas party - cheers and see you next time!

Fury in the Slaughterhouse

"The atmosphere of the North Sea is special, especially in winter. Melancholic and lonely. And the sea is great, it opens something in you." That's how Kai Wingenfelder, singer of the band, once put it into words. We see it the same way and are always happy about the great works that are created here with us (and about everyone else, of course!).


These are the brothers Kai and Thorsten Wingenfelder, heads of the band Fury in the Slaughterhouse. In 2010, their band project WINGENFELDER was born - since then, the two have been delighting their fans with their very own style. Whether with Fury crew or alone - thank you for letting us be a creative retreat for you. (Photo: Christin Lempfert)


"When you go away, you're alone, you don't have a daily routine and you can concentrate completely on the content - this calmness, that you deal with things until the end, is perfect for inspiration," guitarist Kristoffer Hünecke once said. You are always welcome to join us! (Photo: Olaf Heine)

Wacken / ICS

The Wacken and ICS crew around Holger Hübner also regularly drop by for a little time-out. The unaccustomed peace and quiet then inspires them all the more for new loud metal projects - true to the motto "All you need is metal".