... and there’s even more.

  • We serve so-called “fjord shrimps”. The small company breeds white tiger prawns in the small coastal town of Strande on the Kiel Fjord. The shrimps spend half a year in seawater directly from the Baltic Sea, which is heated to a tropical 28 °C with waste heat, until they reach their market weight of approx. 30 g. Innovative technology circulates the seawater to continuously purify it. The shrimps’ excrement is filtered out and then fed into a bioenergy plant, which generates heat and electricity from this. This material and energy cycle enables exceptionally environmentally-friendly and sustainable production.No medication, such as antibiotics or growth accelerators, is administered. After all, quality is also a question of animal welfare. In the artificial mangrove systems, the shrimps also have a near-natural habitat with the best water quality.
  • We also make the sweet potato fries ourselves. And every single day. In 2020, for example, we processed an incredible four tonnes of sweet potatoes, despite the coronavirus.
  • We get most of our fish from Lerch Hummer & Co. in Hamburg, one of the best fishmongers in the North of Germany. We love the quality and passion of the Hanseatic people and are delighted to be able to share this piece of maritime lifestyle with our guests.
  • Our steaks come from Hofgut Schwaige, among others. Hofgut Schwaige has been producing meat and sausage products in the best family tradition since 1902, with special care and in compliance with voluntary standards: from natural feeding and responsible, animal-friendly husbandry to short transport routes and a ban on feeding growth promoters or antibiotics.
  • The Wagyu meat comes from Wagyu Zucht Nordfriesland. The Eggers family breeds the fine Japanese cattle with a great deal of passion and focuses on exceptional animal welfare standards. Long grazing periods, the best feed grown on the farm and plenty of fresh North Sea air ensure the outstanding meat quality.