This means concretely:

Sustainable kitchen concept

In the kitchen of our restaurant Deichkind, we have been pursuing the vision of conscious, sustainable, regional enjoyment for years. With excellent products that we believe in - preferably in organic quality and from the farm around the corner. This starts with our breakfast eggs, which we get from the Knoop family's organic farm in Mirebüll, and ends with our mozzarella, which we get from Bärbel Feddersen's farm-owned cheese dairy in Immenstedt. You can find out more about our sustainable cuisine here.

National Park Partner

Since 2016, we have been a proud National Park Partner and thus contribute to protecting the unique nature in the UNESCO World Heritage Wadden Sea and to making it possible for guests of the North Sea to experience it. The partners fulfil defined criteria that guarantee an environmentally friendly, sustainable holiday with experiences in the unique nature of the National Park. The national park administration and the national park partners promote networking with and among each other; regular excursions, training courses, workshops and an annual meeting provide platforms for exchanging experiences and enrich the close cooperation.

Natural cosmetics

We only use natural cosmetics from i+m Berlin in our rooms. The products are 100% organic, vegan and climate neutral. With the sale and usage of the products at our hotel, the StrandGut donates € 1 to the association "Frauenhäuser in Afrika e.V." founded by i+m Naturkosmetik.


When furnishing our hotel and restaurant, we placed emphasis on environmentally friendly materials such as wood, felt or discarded canvas.

Saving energy

We are always working on new measures to save energy. This starts with the consistent use of LED lights, motion detectors and water-saving shower heads and ends with the purchase of green electricity and good thermal insulation. We deliberately do not use air conditioning for environmental reasons.

Waste avoidance

In order to avoid waste, we do not have any bedtime snacks (sweets on the beds) or similar, but a large jar at the reception with wine gums from Nordsee Bär from the neighbourhood, which can be helped at any time. In addition, we always buy refills in large containers and for years there have been no more paper cups at our samova tea station, but glasses on the rooms.

Employee satisfaction

Crew love and a healthy work-life balance are very important to us. That's why we offer employee benefits that go far beyond the usual in the industry: the possibility of a 4-day week, super-flexible work schedules, 25 days of holiday per year with an annual increase, digital time recording (every hour of overtime is recorded), free meals (also vegan), the possibility of living in one of our staff houses, frequent and unforgettable employee events and a lot of fun at work in a relaxed atmosphere. And not to forget the complete all-round carefree package of the Nordsee Kollektiv, a company that we founded together with other gastronomers from St. Peter-Ording in order to focus exclusively on the topic of employee satisfaction. Together we have already created our own fitness studio, a staff house, various parties and events as well as attractive discounts with local partners.


The parcels of our online shop are packed by Stiftung Mensch in Meldorf. Stiftung Mensch is a social enterprise for people with and without handicaps. It supports children, educates young people and provides work and housing for adults. In this context, culture is an indispensable link for inclusion. More than 1,100 people are employed in 22 different trades, such as carpentry, logistics, beach basket manufacture, metalworking, laundry, the café and our own organic farm.


When cleaning the rooms and public areas, we use environmentally friendly detergents and cleaning agents wherever possible.

Green team

We have formed a Green Team to further promote the topic of sustainability in our company. In regular meetings, we discuss what else we can do to act even more sustainably and come up with new ideas.

Charity flea market

We don't just throw away unclaimed lost property (and not just because some cuddly toys make our hearts bleed). Many things are still as good as new, intact and functional. That's why we started our charity flea market, where we sell all unclaimed lost property once a year. We donate the proceeds to a local charity.