Conscious, enjoyable meat consumption

Although not a member of the Eggers family, Lena has nevertheless become a passionate Wagyu lover. "The cattle totally relax you. If you're sitting in the office for half a day and then you go out to the pastures again, they bring you extremely down again with their calm, peaceful nature. And it's nice to see that our loving work is appreciated. Not only by the animals, but also by the consumers. At that time, the trend of conscious meat consumption was not yet foreseeable, but today we realise that we made exactly the right step."

With its way of farming, Wagyu Zucht Nordfriesland contributes not only to an enjoyable, but also a sustainable eating culture. "That's exactly what we also believe in here at StrandGut Resort," says our kitchen bull Markus Friederici. "When I met Steffen back then and visited him here on the farm, I was immediately inspired by the way they treated the animals and their vision of sustainable agriculture. After a coffee and cake, I knew straight away: this is something for us! We also notice the change in our guests' eating culture at the hotel and in the restaurant. Today, 50 % of our menu consists of vegetarian or vegan dishes. Meat should also be something special and enjoyable for us. The meat from Wagyu Zucht Nordfriesland is definitely that."

If you have a hankering for Wagyu meat, you can either eat it at our restaurant Deichkind or order it at any time from the Wagyu Zucht Nordfriesland online shop at