Escape the daily grind, head for family bliss!

It’s not that easy to balance what all ages want on a family holiday by the North Sea at the drop of a hat. At least one rabbit has to be magically pulled out of the hat then. Instead of cute rodents, we prefer to offer your family flexible spaces and varied activities for everyone. For example, several adjoining rooms can be combined to form spacious accommodation in no time at all. While up to three children are already running around, mum and dad can sleep in peace. All tastes are catered for at breakfast, lunch and dinner too (does that get a thumbs up from you?).

Re-invigorated, the pack then sets off through the direct passage to the Dünen-Therme spa, where they can dive, swim, relax, have a sauna or go for a turbo slide. We also have a play corner at the StrandGut Resort and great sports and leisure activities in St. Peter-Ording, tailored to kids size. Adults get their money’s worth with energising yoga, soothing massages or sports under the open North Frisian sky. Yes, that’s right, everyone will find what they’re looking for here: families, couples, singles, work colleagues, dog lovers, sandcastle builders … but always very chilled. No one pushes anything on you here, except for maybe one or two doors.