We give tea a lobby.

Tea is not a drink. Tea is a ritual. A delicious tea takes time and provides moments of enjoyment and mindfulness (just let it steep). So what could be more natural than to enrich the North Frisian hospitality at the StrandGut Resort with a totally unique samova tea lounge? The Hamburg-based company led by founder Esin Rager and her team has been delivering sustainable tea enjoyment at the highest level since 2002 and is known for its innovative flavour creations such as “Space Cookie” with cocoa shells and fennel or “Digital Detox” with carrot flakes and pumpkin.

Tea time and more

The StrandGut Resort was the first hotel partner to discover the versatile world of samova for itself and its guests and made the tea known in the North with its lounge, its own tea cocktails and events. In the meantime, the shared spirit has developed into a motivating partnership, which is also reflected in samova’s motto: “We believe in friendship and tasty hot water.”

The samova team continues to be inspired to this day here in St. Peter-Ording – even inventing the “Saint Peter’s” tea variety, which for some reason we like best. Whether you want to read in the comfort of a rocking chair or chat to other guests is entirely up to you. Just like the cup of tea that we cordially invite you to savour at any time. Please help yourself, this round is on us.