Yoga as sustained recovery

Fabian: What do your courses here at the StrandGut Resort look like?What is special about our courses?

Claudia: First of all, we have a really great place where we practise yoga: our beautiful work-life lounge with a view of the pier and stilt houses in the distance, the dunes and the North Sea on the horizon. When our guests come into the room and see the vast landscape, they are often really blown away. This awe comes from our hearts because it reminds us of our own inner vastness, which we all have within us. It is often the environment that sets the mood – just like we can sleep better in our bedroom than next to a motorway. This place is already a wonderful starting point for our yoga.

We also have a maximum number of participants. So we don’t pack our courses full to bursting. As a result, I can respond well to our participants. I also offer our yoga in a very versatile and varied way, incorporating all aspects of yoga into my classes, namely postures, breathing techniques, relaxation exercises. I sometimes also like to add a few gymnastic exercises or some philosophical content. The courses always have a different motto, for example “Purifying and Liberating”, “Strengthening Your Core” or “Heart Opener” with “Metta Meditation”. With us it doesn’t matter if you are young or old, a beginner or experienced, fit or not so fit. I am happy to adapt.

Fabian: Does that make things easier or more difficult?

Claudia: I meet a lot of different people, which is a lot of fun, but also challenging. Most of them are spending their holidays with us, their most beautiful time of the year. Ideally, they are then already more relaxed than in their everyday lives anyway, which is good. But I always try to give our guests something long lasting to take home with them and implement in their everyday lives after their holiday. So that the yoga was not just for “entertainment” on holiday but also perhaps changes their everyday life positively in the long term.

Fabian: We also offer yoga retreats here – are they a whole different ballgame?

Claudia: During the yoga retreats, I naturally experience an even more intense time with the guests. They arrive on Friday and the first yoga session is also held in the evening with a gentle introduction. More sessions then follow on Saturday in the morning and evening and one more on Sunday. Each session lasts two hours. The special thing is being together in a set group, where a real connection to each other develops and talking to each other massively enhances the yoga practice.

When the weather is good, we also go out on the terrace and do yoga outside. Or we go to the beach or spontaneously take a breathwalk through the dunes – freely based on the idea of “let’s not chat for a while, just experience the senses”. We then walk along a beautiful little path through the dune landscape and tune into our sensory perception: the scent of rose hips, the sunshine, the sea breeze, the salty air. This is a special experience for everyone.

Fabian: Thank you, Claudia!

We have linked all the information and dates for the yoga courses and retreats below. Claudia is looking forward to seeing you!